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Identify Process Slowdowns and Optimize Staffing

Today’s businesses operate in a fast-paced, dynamic and competitive marketplace, putting a lot of pressure on business operations, especially labor intensive ones. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture while putting fires out all day long. Should we hire more or fewer workers next week?; what part of the process line should I focus on?; where is my time best spent today? are just some of the high-impact challenges operations managers face daily. Currently, the information to resolve such questions is spread throughout the organization and hard to access. That’s why we built our Distributed Operation Monitoring and Enhancement (DOME) platform. Relying on computer vision and AI, DOME becomes your eyes on the ground and a single place where the performance of your operation can be monitored and optimized.

With DOME, the Possibilities Are Endless

Whether you are struggling with operation slowdowns, worrying about safety practices or trying to optimize worker staffing, DOME can help.


DOME measures and reports productivity across locations and operation stages.


DOME compares requested and received resources to help you plan and schedule for optimal staffing levels.


DOME identifies process hotspots to help you prioritize your time and resources.


DOME simplifies keeping operation logs and extracts actionable insights.

Optimal Resource Allocation, Maximum Impact, Minimum Stress

DOME helps you spend your effort where it matters the most. It identifies process slowdowns so you can act before they become serious problems. Taking into account the big picture will allow you to minimize the stress on your team while improving output.

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