Scheduling & Planning

A Shortcut to Operational Efficiency


The day-to-day logistics aspect of a business involves continuous movement of various items, from delivering the latest batch of orders to moving the next asset group from production to servicing. Prioritizing and optimizing the execution schedule presents a significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement opportunity. Should we increase the inventory of some items?; what is the best path to move an item from one location to another?; when should this specific item be processed? are just some of the high-impact challenges logistics managers face daily. Currently, the information to resolve such questions is spread throughout different systems and hard to analyze holistically. That’s why we built our Distributed Operation Monitoring and Enhancement (DOME) platform. Relying on AI, DOME adapts to your process and changing conditions to assist you in optimization of your operations.

With DOME,
the Possibilities Are Endless

Whether you are pre-fetching goods to minimize order completion times or looking to optimize delivery trajectories for your fleet, DOME can assist you.


DOME plans holistically at the fleet level to maximize its efficiency.


DOME optimizes placement of items for easy and quick access.


DOME increases the speed at which your logistics operation runs.


Optimized Placement, Minimized Distance

DOME takes care of tedious monitoring and planning details, making sure different stages of your logistics pipeline interface optimally. Some of the advantages of DOME application include: more orders executed in less time, fewer resources required and lower inventory levels maintained. This leaves more time for you to focus on your people and execution.


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