Article Detection & Tracking

Keep an Eye on Important Things

Continuous High-Resolution Article Detection and Tracking

Operations like parking enforcement, fulfillment centers and vehicle rental agencies, must keep track of the condition and location of large number of articles over extended periods of time. Even small inaccuracies in detecting, counting and logging can add up to significantly reduce the operational efficiency.

Detection, counting and logging are boring and tedious tasks that your employees dislike. That’s why we built our Distributed Operation Monitoring and Enhancement (DOME) platform.

Relying on computer vision and AI, DOME performs these boring and repetitive monitoring tasks enabling your workforce to focus on more important aspects of your operation.

DOME also runs locally on your premises, ensuring data privacy and minimizing cloud costs.

Possibilities Are Endless

Whether you are operating a car detail shop, a parking lot or a warehouse we can help you keep track of your assets and improve the efficiency of your operation. From quickly finding asset locations to tracking their movement through your process our AI works for you.


DOME keeps track of important assets with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.


DOME measures performance of your operation to enable planning and forecasting.


DOME uncovers process bottlenecks before they become service quality issues.


DOME reduces asset misplacement and minimize turnaround.


Condition and Location of Your Assets at a Glance

DOME reduces misplacement and loss of items and improves operational efficiency. It provides comprehensive, yet cost-effective, view into the efficiency of your asset location management and associated processing operations. You will always know where your assets are and whether they are supposed to be there or not.


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