AI for Enterprise Process Monitoring and Optimization

Give Your Business an Edge

Increase Profitability

Our AI software helps you increase competitiveness and elevate your margins. It monitors your operations in high definition, day in and day out to uncover optimizations, cost reduction opportunities, and prevent downtime.

Don’t Break the Bank

Our solutions process 1000x more data than traditional cloud-based solutions, while reducing the cost by 100x, saving tens of millions of dollars for many customers. We apply AI algorithms at the source of data, cross referencing information from local cameras, thermocouples, pressure gauges, flowmeters and other sensors, so your data is safe and secure and never leaves your premises.

Be Future Proof

Our solutions work with variety of edge hardware and software. You will not have to worry about vendor lock-in and obscure, proprietary hardware or software components as your systems grow and your needs evolve.

Adapt Quickly

Our algorithms keep pace with your changing business needs and are designed for learning from examples. All of numericcal’s solutions can be easily updated to address operating process changes.

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